A TaskForce of seasoned professionals

We are a team of experienced and dedicated professionals experts in Web 3.0, Cryptocurrencies, Data science, and blockchain technologies. Our track record of successful Web 2.0 & Web 3.0 projects speaks loads about our capability to make Kynno one of Web 3.0's most glorious projects.

We believe that the world has entered the age of the Data Revolution, and we want to be a locomotive of this revolution by empowering people to get ownership of their Web 3.0 data & identity.

Kynno is not just your regular blockchain we are much more.

The Kynno Foundation is a group of forward-thinking individuals dedicated to building a better future for everyone. We believe advanced technologies should be accessible to everyone and seamlessly integrated into our lives.

We are engineers, scientists, researchers, designers, and entrepreneurs with the same vision. Our team is distributed worldwide, and we are always looking for more people to join our community and help us realize our vision.

We will love to have you on board if you are passionate about making a difference and improving people’s lives. Together, we can make the world a better place for everyone.

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