Let's make an analogy with the real world.Kynno Data Vault works as securely and privately as real-life Bank Vaults. Kynno Blockchain is the big safe containing all the Vaults while you have the keys to store, manage and share.

Tho Kynno Vaults differ from Bank Vaults in one essential point. You can access and manage them without needing our consent.

Not only that, but Kynno Data Vaults are also offering a myriad of advanced features.

Kynno Vault Bounds .

Kynno Vault Bounds (KVB) are non-transferable NFTs that once received, are bound to a user’s vault.

KVB will primarily be issued by authorized entities on the Kynno Blockchain. The issuing entities will have to choose from 4 types of KVBs:

. Irrevocable KVBs
.Time-bound KVBs
.Revocable KVBs
.One-time use KVBs